So what is

Super Time Force Ultra?

Super Time Force Ultra is an action-packed platformer with a time-travelling twist! You’re in control of time itself, bending and stretching it to your advantage on the battlefield.

Rewind time and choose when to jump back into the action, teaming-up with your past selves in a unique single-player co-op experience! Take control of up to 19 unique characters, and battle across 6 different time periods, from the long-ago past to the far-away future.

Key Feature

Stop Time!

Super Time Force’s action-packed game features the unique ability “Time Out”. Time Out lets you stop time and rewind back through what you just did. Then you can jump back into the action with a new character and play alongside your past self in the past, which is now the present!

You can use time out to partner up with yourself in the good ol’ days of a few seconds ago, creating a veritable army of you(s).

Key Feature

Death As Strategy

Dying is part of the strategy in Super Time Force Ultra, so don’t worry about it! When you die, you can just rewind time, add more firepower, and go.

Key Feature

Distinct Characters

Each member of the Super Time Force has their own special ability that makes them uniquely useful in battle. From a machine gun-toting dolphin to a magic-wielding Merlin, the STF squad has a warrior for every taste and occasion!

Key Feature

Gorgeous Pixel Art

Vibrant pixel art brings every little detail of Super Time Force Ultra to pulsating life: Enemies, traps and giant bosses breathe, bounce and blast with juicy pixel animations, while satisfying explosions shower the screen with sparkling particle-ly goodness!