So what is

Critter Crunch?

Critter Crunch is an award winning, arcade-style puzzle game, starring the loveable Biggs. Using his long, sticky tongue to grab critters from vines above, he feeds them to each other until they burst, dropping tasty jewels for him to gobble up. Using Critter Crunch's 'Food Chain' mechanic, players will eat their way through a smorgasbord of levels and gorge on a feast of modes, including Co-op and Versus multiplayer.

Oh, and barf. Rainbow barf!

Key Feature

Create Food Chains!

With the unique Food Chain mechanic, players feed smaller critters to larger ones to make them pop!

The longer the chain, the larger the reward!

Key Feature

Multiplayer Modes

Team up with a friend in Co-op or battle each other in Versus. Both modes are playable online or locally.

Key Feature

Stunning Visuals

Hand-animated characters and backgrounds come to life in gorgeous 1080p at 60fps

Key Feature

Variety of Challenges

Power Ups and Special Critters keep things fresh and offer new challenges.