So what is


BELOW is an action-adventure roguelike, which presents a vast underworld of ever-shifting labyrinths where deadly monstrosities, cunning traps, and a shadowy presence lurk in every passage.

BELOW presents players with a mysterious world, and invites them to explore, survive, and discover an ever-shifting underworld, with a minimum of guidance or interference. Craft remedies and tools to help you survive the Depths. What lies below? Only the brave will find out.

Key Feature

Skill-based combat

The Wanderer may be fragile and always only a few hits away from death, but they're also a capable warrior with an arsenal of snappy moves, powerful weapons and useful tools: Master the sword, shield, bow (and more!) to hew through the monstrous legions lurking in the shadows.

Key Feature

Atmospheric Survival

Below features a unique and compelling take on the survival and rogue genres, with a focus on a dark and moody atmosphere.

Key Feature

Procedural Dungeons

Below's deadly underworld is filled with randomly generated dungeons, making every expedition into The Depths a unique experience: Classic roguelike design… with permadeath.

Key Feature

Haunting Soundtrack

Jim Guthrie returns for another collaboration with Capy, enfusing Below's massive underworld with haunting melodies, powerful synths and deadly beats.