06.02.20BELOW – New EXPLORE mode & PS4 version announced!

Hello, Wanderers –

It’s hard to believe BELOW launched just over a year ago! Our haunting survival-roguelike may have been the most challenging CAPY game ever. We had the opportunity in 2019 to launch Grindstone, our quirky puzzle-battler, as well as to reflect on BELOW, and listen carefully to feedback about the final game.


As time passed, one thing became resoundingly clear: people loved the brooding tone and melancholic atmosphere of the Isle, and we wanted to provide a way for players to experience that world without necessarily having to overcome the brutal test of endurance required to fully experience the world of BELOW.


This is what led us to create the EXPLORE mode of the game, which will be released with the upcoming PS4 version of the game this spring.  (Xbox One and Steam players will receive the mode in future updates, as well.)



The new EXPLORE mode tweaks and rebalances the game to present an experience that we think will be more approachable for many – and maybe even offer veteran players a way to return and relive their original adventure with less punishment.


At the end of the day, we’re excited for this mode (and the PS4 version we’ve just announced) to open the game up to even more players.  And for the purists out there – don’t worry! The original experience has been preserved as SURVIVE mode, untouched and as unforgiving as ever.  Whatever mode you choose, the world of BELOW won’t give up its secrets easily…


Thanks to all you Wanderers who have been with us since the beginning – and welcome to anyone new to the fold.  We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new mode when it launches this Spring.


In the meantime, here is a more detailed breakdown of changes you can expect to see in EXPLORE mode:


  • EXPLORE changes to survival
    • No Hunger or Thirst
    • Can’t drink puddles or bottles
    • Bottles still need to be filled with water for cooking soup
    • Soups restore health
    • Death’s door teleport to island
      • Avoids the issue of jumping down without enough lamp juice to open the door
  • EXPLORE World Entity changes
    • Fire Pillars
      • Chance to drop embers
      • Fires don’t burn out until you die
      • Invincible, can’t be broken with bombs
    • No one-hit deaths
    • No iron maiden
  • EXPLORE Damage Changes
    • All damage is bleed damage, giving the player time to stop the bleeding
  • EXPLORE Checkpoints/Campfires
    • Don’t clear after use
    • Still only one active at a time
  • Mode-specific Saves
    • New Save slot for EXPLORE
    • New SURVIVE mode on main menu (original mode)
      • Existing progress saved as SURVIVE mode slot