30.12.19BYE 2019! ONWARD TO 2020!

2019 is finally over! Now it’s time for CAPY to look forward to a New Year! The Future Year of 2020! This past year was quite a doozy! Here are some of our highlights from 2019, in a nutshell:

We released Grindstone on Apple Arcade and watched it end up on a lot of Best of 2019 lists, and even receive a hefty handful of award nominations, including Mobile Game of the Year at the The Game Awards, EDGE Magazine’s Mobile Game of the Year, Best Mobile Game of the Year from the New York Game Awards and many more! Our little puzzle-battler that we cooked in the background of our studio for so many eons finally crystallized into something special and found a lot of love! Even the incredible soundtrack by Sam Webster received a ton of praise! The response to Grindstone’s release by fans and critics alike has been amazing and we’d like to thank everyone who helped bring that game to the finish line, and a big thanks to the all the Grindstone Fans!

BELOW also enjoyed a little bit of accolades this year. Our dark & deadly dungeon crawler was part of BitSummit’s Official Selection in Kyoto this year, and was nominated for a bunch of awards, including Vermillion Best of Show Award, Excellence in Game Design & Excellence in Sound Design, which was super nice to see. BELOW was also nominated for a Golden Joystick for Xbox Game of the Year. BELOW’s soundtrack, which received a beautiful Double LP release from Jim Guthrie won Soundtrack of the Year from VGM WAX. Thanks to everyone who played & enjoyed BELOW!

2019 was also the first year in a looooong while that saw us start a whole new, super-exciting project! We can’t wait to get deeper into its production throughout 2020, though you won’t be hearing about it any time soon… But still, it feels super refreshing for our studio to kick off a New Year on a brand new idea. So here’s to a GREAT 2020, new beginnings & blessings to come! Best Wishes from everyone at CAPY!