Happy April 1st, members of the Super Time Force! Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve bent space-time in a way that has allowed us to provide a FREE ULTRA UPDATE for all Xbox One players!

This update brings you the Helladeck, 50 new super fun challenge levels that will force (pun intended) you to use your time-rewinding brain in a different way.

The Ultra update also brings you the Ultra Force mode, an alternate style of time-forcing with extra-powerful, extra-asplosive versions of the Time Force team. But you gotta beat the game before you can wield this Ultra power.

Oh and we added some pretty challenging achievements as well, for all you hunters.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our crazy time-traveling platformer on Xbox One. Did we mention this big update is free? Cause it is.

Go forth and Ultra! KOOKABUNGA!

NOTE: This is not an April Fools joke. Trust us. Your Xbox One is probably updating it now!