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2014 was a busy, challenging and ultimately, great year for Capy. Lets take a quick walk down memory lane, and celebrate a whole whack of radical things that took place.

The biggest and bestest part of 2014 for us at Capy was the release of Super Time Force on Xbox One & Xbox360, and subsequently, Super Time Force Ultra on Steam/PC. Our time traveling platformer started as a little game jam game by Capy’s Kenneth Yeung, Mike Nguyen & Vic Nguyen. A couple years later, it was a finished game released on a bunch of platforms… and everyone at Capy feels like its one of the best things we’ve ever made. STF received a bunch of awards and end of year accolades, all of which made us feel pretty cool. Kookabunga!

Also on Super Time Force Ultra, we had the chance to reveal the PS4 & VITA versions on stage at the inaugural PlayStation Experience. We had a little surprise for Sony fans, and announcing PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida as a playable character was a great moment for us. Huge thanks to Mr. Yoshida for being genuinely excited and super supportive!

Meanwhile, we continued our hard work on Capy’s upcoming game of exploration and survival, BELOW. We brought the game to PAX EAST to let fans play it for the first time ever, and even showed a crazy new trailer during Microsoft’s press conference at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Earlier in the year, our president Nathan Vella had the chance to host the 16th annual IGF Awards. It was a huge honor for Nathan, and for Capy. He did a pretty ok job.

Also on the awards tip, we won Best Game Innovation 2014 at the Canadian Videogame Awards, which happened in our home town of Toronto.

We were included in the (amazing) book Every Day is Play, thanks to our pal Cory Schmitz’s work on BELOW…

Our games continued to be shown as part of The Game Masters exhibition as it tours around the world…

Renaud & MC had a beautiful son named Octave, who already is hard at work at Capy…

#Sworcery continued to make an impact years later, and we were super proud to see Anita & Caroline list it as one of their Five Feminist Moments in the History of Videogames

Oh yeah, and Capy Jam 4 was a game jammin’ good time!

Phew… that should be all of it. That said, there was probably a ton of other things happened that we’re forgetting.

In closing, from everyone at Capy to everyone who has & continues to support our crazy little studio… THANK YOU + HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAYS!