This week our best pals QUEASY GAMES released SOUND SHAPES for PSVITA and PS3 in North America. The game already has a crazily-high metacritic, over a thousand user generated levels & counting, and tons of fan love.

It is important to note how significant of an achievement SOUND SHAPES is; It is a hand-crafted collection of musical compositions that wed beautifully and vividly with the separate worlds of traditional gaming and visual art. But perhaps more importantly, it is a tool by which anyone can, within minutes, create imaginative and fun levels. It is also an instrument with which anyone can, within minutes, create beautiful music. Taken together, Sound Shapes is a joy-inducing gift to gamers, allowing anyone to create fully-realized and idiosyncratic worlds of musical fun to share with others. How cool is that?

We’re not just posting about SOUND SHAPES because we love it (although, we do dearly). We’re also posting because we helped make it. Capy’s own Vic Nguyen (co-creator & artist of SUPER TIME FORCE) provided all the art for the game’s first album, Hello World. Designer/Writer Dan Vader worked as a level designer on the game for nearly two years, and was later joined by Greg Georgiadis. Together, the two Capy designers worked closely with Jon Mak & Mathew Kumar to sculpt the games’ albums/tracks. Nathan Vella provided Queasy dudes Jon & Shaw-Han assistance producing and managing the project, while QA Lead Christian Meyer came on at the tail end to lend his testing expertise.

We are so happy to have been able to help our friends achieve their vision, and we’re ultra-mega-proud to have played a role in SOUND SHAPES.

screen1 screen2 screen3

Now go get it and make something cool!