22.12.10CAPY JAM 2010 – ‘Twas a Jamn Good Time!

Capy Jam Poster 2010

Nathan suggested we finally have that game jam we’ve been talking about forever…. and boy oh boy was it ever a crazy blitz of game making insanity. This was our first jam ever, so naturally it was a bit chaotic. The teams were split into groups of 2 or 3, with some floaters making music and helping out with design here and there. Kris was the official cheerleader and journalist of this two-day event, and his amazing photography can be viewed on Capy’s Flickr account here:

Capy Jam 2010: Day 1 + Day 2

Click below to see the crazy results!

CELLECTRIC – Jon Maur, Greg Georgiadis, Mike Nguyen


The goal of Cellectric is to maneuver a stream of electricity from the energy source towards the endgame power switches, shaping the stream to align with all switches at the same time to successfully power them up. The catch is that energy can only survive in a stream and streams only remain active when at least two fingertips are positioned on the screen. Contact with walls and creatures also break or block an energy stream so finger placement must be carefully planned to keep the stream active along the way.

MONSTEROIDS – Frankie Leung and Qiqo

Monsters. Asteroids. Monsteroids! You were sent here to blow them up. Unleash a variety of weapons upon your enemy against the unforgiving (but pretty) backdrop that is the galaxy. But beware of their space-time warp cloak; shots you fire will be fired back at you during the next level! Consider your aggressiveness, space out your shots and pick the right weapon for the right Monsteroid.

SHONGO JO JO – Matt Repetski, Andrew Afan, Anthony Chan


Year is 2012 and humans can no more make procreation. It is emergency and hero Dr. Hank Hudson determine save the world. He ascend to space to check on results of latest fertility experiment in Earth thermosphere with hopes to stop human extinct. What Hank encounter both strange and dangerous.


Super Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge & Shoot

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD lead programmer Conrad Lee at Capy & Mr. Craig D. Adams of Superbrothers tried to teach a gun-toting inuit to dodge things in a little experiment dubbed SUPER DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE & SHOOT, hereinafter referred to simply as Super Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge & Shoot.

BLOUN BOTS – Kenneth Yeung, Vic Nguyen

In the digital world of binary there can be only one. Or zero. Bloun Bots is the epic battle between 1’s and 0’s, mixed in with some classic platforming, double jumping, turbo fire, explosions and laser beams. Collect between 9 different weapons and power ups to dominate the playing field and emerge victorious in 3 different modes of play. Which side will you choose? (4 player coop coming soon!)

PREMEDITATED – Kelly Smith, Bryan McConkey

Playing Premeditated!

A game inspired by ye ole board game clue, but with a twist: you’re the murderer. Your crime is Premeditated; pretend your innocent, sneak around the mansion and find the right weapon to kill the right person in the right room. But don’t get caught!

RED vs. BLUE – Tish, Hubert Wong

Red v.s. Blue is a light-hearted hotseat multiplayer game about what toys do when no one is around. Red v.s. Blue comes in two game modes. The first is Orb Race where players must race to catch all orbs they are assigned while undermining their opponent. The second game mode is Deathmatch where players must collect 5 orbs of the same type in a row before their opponent, and if that doesn’t work, you can always kill them using any possible means.

KITE – Nathan Vella, Christian Meyer, Drew Grainge

Kite starting to take shape!

It’s not even remotely close to complete but the idea is that a boy and his kite travel the city trying to get home. They are both tied together by a rope and neither the boy, the kite nor the rope can be allowed to be hit. The hardest part comes from the differing controls for each of them and their movement limitations.

500 DAYS OF JUMPING – Tri Vuong, Colin Weick

Players take control of Hop Man, a superhero renowned for his jumping prowress and manly beard. Build up your Power Meter by frustrating your enemies with your cocky acrobatics then take them out by plowing through them in an indestrucable blur of blue jumping fury!

WHOAAAAAA! That’s a whole lotta crazy and a perfect way to end another year. Now it’s time for all of us to get year-end-Capy-Party-style drunk and play these jammerific games!

PS: We’ll post some of the more playable games after the holiday break for ya’ll to check out!