01.10.09This is Qiqo’s brain… on Critter Crunch

Early on in Critter Crunch’s development, 1/2 of the dynamic art duo responsible for the beautiful visuals you will see in game decided to take Bigg’s and toss him in a mixing bowl with the character designs from some other games… Click here to see more of Qiqo’s ideas.

99% of the art & animation you see in Critter Crunch was created by 2 people: Nick “Qiqo” Stephan and Sylvain Coutouly. Yes, these guys are crazy awesome. Yes, they are sorta like Jesus.

When Qiqo began working on the HD version of Bigg’s, he got so into it that he decided to see how Bigg’s would look if he starred in other awesome games. The result is the following image, which we call “The Wall of Biggs”.

Once we saw what Qiqo’s awesome drawings, we couldn’t help but think how amazing it would be to see a Kratos-Biggs (or Biggstos) slaughtering critters with his chain-sword tongue, or Sackboy-Biggs (Sackbiggs) complete with facial animations a la LBP.

While we’ll never get permission to put these ideas in the game, Qiqo’s different concepts still turned out to be super-rad. Click on the image for a nicely high-res version, and stay tuned for more Qiqo & Sylv blog posts.

NOTE: Just to be super clear, we only added Fez in this batch because Fez is super cool, and we love Polytron, not because it is coming to PSN. Maybe we should have added more non- playstation characters….. sorry for the confusion! Peace and Love.