05.12.13Xbox! Go to Capy Games!

We’re happy to announce that our insane time-traveling run’n gun platformer Super Time Force is coming to Xbox One. Bringing Super Time Force to Xbox One means that all of our fans that have made the jump to the new generation of consoles can play our game on the fancy new machines they just plugged in, and it also means you can play with the sweet new Xbox One d-pad.

In extra-awesome news, we’ll be self-publishing Super Time Force on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program.

Of course, Super Time Force is still coming to XBLA as planned. We’re aiming to launch both versions side-by-side, Game Gods willing.

To accommodate development of the Xbox One version, and to make sure we bring you the best game possible, we’re moving the release date. While we had originally intended to release this year, the opportunity to do Super Time Force on Xbox One, plus the sheer insanity of releasing during new console launches meant that moving a few months into 2014 was the best plan for our game.

At Capy, we tend to work on multiple projects at once – in this case, Super Time Force & Below. With these projects, we’re constantly exploring new ideas, and doing so generally means we need to keep our games in the oven for as long as humanly possible. It’s the nature of the beast, but it’s also core to the personality of our studio. We take our time and we aim for the stars, but that often results in the intervals between our games being longer than we (or our beloved fans) may anticipate.

We appreciate the love & support, and see you in 2014!

Nathan & Kris (on behalf of everyone at Capy)


The Steam Autumn Sale has launched, and wallets everywhere are already becoming barren wastelands. As part of this amazing sale, you can get two CAPY games at a massive discount:

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for PC/Mac/Linux is 60% OFF!

Critter Crunch for PC/Mac is 70% OFF!

The sale is time limited, so if you haven’t had a chance to dabble in Capy’s library of Steam titles, now’s your chance.


On Novemeber 2nd, our friends at Double Fine and iam8bit threw an amazing public event for game fans in San Francisco. They called it DAY OF THE DEVS, and they asked Capy, alongside a handful of other rad devs, to take part. We showed a brand new build of Super Time Force, and even showed a brand new trailer.

Nuzzled between Transistor and Broken Age, we had the chance to hang out and chat with a ton of awesome gamers, all with a beer in our hand. It was an amazing event – one we hope happens again (and again). Thanks to Double Fine, iam8bit and 47 Studios.

02.11.13SUPER TIME FORCE 101

Curious about the gameplay behind Super Time Force? Check out our latest trailer / educational video!

Super Time Force coast-to-coast weekend!

On the West Coast: We’re showing STF @ Double Fine’s DAY OF THE DEVS! If you’re in the San Francisco area, pop by and check out the latest demo + chat with Nathan Vella!


If you’re in Toronto: Make sure to stop by GAMERCAMP! Most of the STF team is hanging out there all weekend, so pop by and say hello!


If you can’t make any of these, sit back and enjoy our new trailer!

11.10.13CAPY AT INDIECADE 2013

Last weekend Capy packed up a couple people and headed out to IndieCade 2013, held in picturesque (and never-changing) Culver City, LA. We were very happy to be showing SUPER TIME FORCE – in a firehouse no less – and enjoyed the heck out of peoples reactions. Everyone from fellow devs to youngsters to oldsters seemed to have a heck of a time blowing stuff up and traveling through time.

We were also nominated for an IndieCade Award, given out by the videogame power couple of Brenda & John Romero. The awards celebrated a lot of amazing games, and gave a Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award to the ultra-deserving Tracy Fullerton. Super Time Force was nominated for Visual Art, but lost to Kentucky Route Zero, which is a-ok by us. We were also awarded Best Level Design by the kind folks at EyewaveGames!

We also got to play a ton of amazing games (there were so many), including the hilariously fun Tenya Wanya Teens & the magical Hohokum. Coincidentally Ricky Haggett worked on both of them. Perhaps he’s a robot?


Gamercamp Mag - Below

Gamercamp Mag - Below

Gamercamp Mag - Below

Gamercamp Mag - Below

Finally got our hands on the printed version of Gamercamp Magazine, featuring Below. Super happy with the way this turned out! The magazine is beautifully printed, well designed and filled with great stories about Toronto’s vibrant indie game dev scene. Honoured to be a part of it.

Gamercamp starts Nov 1st, in Toronto.


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