PAX East is right around the corner, and we’ll be there in full force. Once again Capy is teaming up with our superbuds Double Fine to create the next iteration of the CAPY FINE BOOTH. We’ll be right next to our pals Supergiant, and in the same area as the amazing Indie Megabooth. It should be fun! So, what are we bringing?

Well, for the first time ever, players will have a chance to dive into the depths of BELOW. Sit down, put on a pair of headphones, pick up a controller and explore, survive, discover… and then probably die.

As a special bonus, Jim Guthrie (composer of BELOW as well as Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP) himself will be in attendance! He’s one of the top humans we know of on earth, and if you dug #Sworcery, make sure to pop by and say hello.

“Awww but I want to blow up sweet robots instead!!!” you say? Well then head on over the Microsoft booth and play a nearly final version of our totally bazonkers hyper-action videogame Super Time Force, chock full of single player co-op goodness, sweet explosions and fuzzy chip tunes by 6955! Thanks to our friends at ID@Xbox, PAX East attendees will asplode some robots, and if you die, just try and try and try and try and try and try and try again!

This PAX East is going to be nuts!!! Come hang out with us!


The new Destructoid-curated Humble Weekly Bundle has launched! Get some truly amazing games like: Little Inferno, Super Hexagon, Natural Selection 2, Pixeljunk Monsters, Hotline Miami… and Capy’s own Critter Crunch! Head to the site, pay what you want, contribute to great charities and be able to barf rainbows into your offspring’s mouth in a videogame.



We’re super honored, and a little humbled, to be named in Fast Company’s 2014 list of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Gaming. The list celebrates studios from all over gaming, and we quite appreciate that Fast Company sees what we’re trying to do with our games.

Hit this link to see the whole list, and read more about what they had to say about us!

31.12.13ONWARD TO 2014!

2013 was a super important year for CAPY. Though we didn’t release any video games (except for Critter Crunch on the Mac App Store), we spent the entire year building a foundation for 2014, and hopefully beyond! It was a crazy busy year spent working on Super Time Force and Below, but also a year filled with great memories, and *huge* milestones for our studio.

The year began with CAPY snagging #45 on EDGE Magazine’s Developer Awards, which was totally unexpected and also a really great boost to our collective egos.

Next, we kicked off our year with CAPY JAM 3, creating such oddities as Synchroma, Evil Eye and many more crazy little video games, which can be seen on our tumblr right here.

IndieCade East kicked off its inaugural year in February, and Kris Piotrowski had the honour of presenting one of the keynotes at the Museum of Moving Image in New York.

After that, it was time to get down to prepping for Pax East! This year we teamed up with the incredible folks at Double Fine, creating an amazing CAPY X DOUBLE FINE booth and a super cool bundle,
…which included a 3.5 disk filled to the brim with CAPY FINE RACER GP.

capy fine

At PAX EAST, we showed off the latest levels from Super Time Force, partied with Double Fine and ate a heck ton of oysters.

Our next target was E3, our biggest event of the year for obvious reasons: We announced Below in a super huge way; on stage at Xbox One’s mega conference. It was utterly surreal and huge, and also totally bonkers. Seeing our tiny little wanderer on the screen at E3, alongside giant super-video games like Halo was a moment to be proud of, and really big step for our studio.


Alongside E3, we had the pleasure and honour to be a part of Horizon, organized by our super bud Brandon Boyer, Venus Patrol and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. It was the perfect counter-point to E3’s grandeur and madness, and it gave us a chance to discuss Below in a more direct and personal way. Horizon was definitely one of the highlights of the year, and we’re super glad that we were a part of it.


Below’s reveal was received exceptionally well, which made us feel pretty good about our little-big project.

Along the way to E3, Vic & Mike Nguyen created a absolutely stunning piece of Super Time Force art for Into The Pixel, which was presented at E3.

Super Time Force - Into The Pixel

Is the year done yet, I’m already tired! Oh god, we’re only at July!

Well: July held another unexpected honour for CAPY: Apple was celebrating 5 Years of The App Store, and Sworcery was selected as one of the 5 games that defined the incredibly vast spectrum of amazing apps available on the App Store today. It was a tremendous honour, and a nice cherry on top of the amazing Sworcery journey that we have been on.

Meanwhile, back to Super Time Force: We worked with Jason Degroot to release a free STF track, alongside a brand new gameplay trailer.

At this point in the year, we spent most of our time keeping our head down, iterating on STF and Below, working hard to build on the momentum from the first half of the year. With the madness of E3 well behind us, we though it would a good time to release a new Below trailer, one that would show off another side of the project. With that in mind, we put together PAUSE; a long quiet, beautiful moment that helped us take a deep breath in the middle of a busy and challenging year, and a chance to talk to our fans about our future plans regarding Below.

PAUSE from CAPY on Vimeo.

We also launched our T-shirt store, and made some STF trading cards just for kicks!

Next was Pax Prime, where we showed off more Super Time Force action, and rocked the Fan Gamer x Attract Mode party with Synchroma! Pax Prime was a total blast, with both Super Time Force and Synchroma receiving a bunch of positive press.

’Twas around this time that we found out that Super Time Force was nominated for an IndieCade Award, which was a tremendous honour for us.

Around the same time, Below found its way to print for the first time, appearing in two beautiful articles: Game Informer and Gamercamp Magazine.

As the year started to wind down, we focused on creating a whole new Super Time Force trailer; one that would focused on explaining the gameplay and main ideas behind the game. Inspired by the brilliant Vi Hart, we created Super Time Force 101, and released it onto the internets. It was super fun to make and was received incredibly well.

SUPER TIME FORCE 101 from CAPY on Vimeo.

Super Time Force 101 also served trailer duty for Double Fine’s Day of The Dev, a crazy fun event that we were happy to be a part of.

Around this time, Nathan Vella flew down to Argentina to deliver an amazing talk at Conferencias Videojuegos 2013, which can be viewed here.

And to wrap up the year, we announced Super Time Force for Xbox One and collaborated with Mojang on a dang cool t-shirt!

Xbox! Go to Capy Games! from CAPY on Vimeo.

HOLY COW. What a year.

And that was 2013 for CAPY! So what does 2014 have in store? Well, we’re getting closer and closer to releasing Super Time Force, which we’re incredibly excited about. We also have some big, exciting new about Below and some (perhaps unexpected) news about other things… 2014 will be the the first year conference goers will get to sit down and play Below, the year we release Super Time Force, and hopefully for us, and for you all, a year filled with good luck, prosperity and love.

All the best from everyone at CAPY! Happy New Year and KOOKABUNGA!


To celebrate the joyous holiday season, Capy + superbrothers + Jim Guthrie are providing a yuletide sale. #Sworcery on iOS and Android will be discounted for about a week, making it a wonderful stocking stuffer for your fancy new devices you got for christmas.



We’ve also made a festive wallpaper (Click here for 1920×1080) in collaboration with our good friend and graphic design mastermind Cory Schmitz, based on his AMAZING #Sworcery Megatome Poster. Coincidentally, this amazing print is on sale via Fan Gamer – GRAB IT HERE.


Capy has teamed up with the folks at Mojang & J!NX to create a special Minecraft tribute shirt. Designed by Capy artist Vic Nguyen, the shirt combines Capy’s trademark pixel style with the crazy world of Minecraft. We think it’s rad as heck (and pretty cute too).

Head over to J!NX (home to tons and tons of game merch) and grab the MENS, WOMENS or KIDS-sized shirts!

And just in case you’re one of the 12 people on earth that doesn’t already love Minecraft, check it out here!

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