02.11.13SUPER TIME FORCE 101

Curious about the gameplay behind Super Time Force? Check out our latest trailer / educational video!

Super Time Force coast-to-coast weekend!

On the West Coast: We’re showing STF @ Double Fine’s DAY OF THE DEVS! If you’re in the San Francisco area, pop by and check out the latest demo + chat with Nathan Vella!


If you’re in Toronto: Make sure to stop by GAMERCAMP! Most of the STF team is hanging out there all weekend, so pop by and say hello!


If you can’t make any of these, sit back and enjoy our new trailer!

11.10.13CAPY AT INDIECADE 2013

Last weekend Capy packed up a couple people and headed out to IndieCade 2013, held in picturesque (and never-changing) Culver City, LA. We were very happy to be showing SUPER TIME FORCE – in a firehouse no less – and enjoyed the heck out of peoples reactions. Everyone from fellow devs to youngsters to oldsters seemed to have a heck of a time blowing stuff up and traveling through time.

We were also nominated for an IndieCade Award, given out by the videogame power couple of Brenda & John Romero. The awards celebrated a lot of amazing games, and gave a Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award to the ultra-deserving Tracy Fullerton. Super Time Force was nominated for Visual Art, but lost to Kentucky Route Zero, which is a-ok by us. We were also awarded Best Level Design by the kind folks at EyewaveGames!

We also got to play a ton of amazing games (there were so many), including the hilariously fun Tenya Wanya Teens & the magical Hohokum. Coincidentally Ricky Haggett worked on both of them. Perhaps he’s a robot?


Gamercamp Mag - Below

Gamercamp Mag - Below

Gamercamp Mag - Below

Gamercamp Mag - Below

Finally got our hands on the printed version of Gamercamp Magazine, featuring Below. Super happy with the way this turned out! The magazine is beautifully printed, well designed and filled with great stories about Toronto’s vibrant indie game dev scene. Honoured to be a part of it.

Gamercamp starts Nov 1st, in Toronto.



Another PAX has come and gone, so we thought we’d take a bit of time and share some of the experience with you lovely people.

We arrived and almost immediately went into OMG CRAZY RUSH SETUP mode. The evening before PAX opened, this was the result:

As the doors opened on Friday, we were immediately confronted with the sinking feeling that PAX was busier than past years. We later found out that we weren’t crazy, since more that 80,000 people attended PAX. That’s a lot of game-loving humans.

We demoed a brand new Super Time Force build, complete with a ton of crazy gameplay changes, new levels, a boss made out of poo and a couple new characters (one of whom, Squirt, is a turd who farts toxic gas you can explode via shooting). Lots of amazing & supportive fans checked it out. So did a whole bunch of press… here’s some of what they had to say:

REVISION 3 – SUPER TIME FORCE: One of Adam Sessler’s Favorite Games of PAX!.
REVISION 3 – the BEST of PAX 2013
GAME INFORMER – In Super Time Force, Dying Is The Best Way To Live.
KOTAKU – You’re Not Master Chief. You’re Not Mario. You’re Armed, Farting Poop.
DESTRUCTOID – Dying leads to better things in Super Time Force. Also, you can play as a piece of poop!
SCREWATTACK – Super Time Force is like Contra with time travel and radical dinosaurs
OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE – Fat Jedis, Rad Dinos, and more!
POLARIS – Interview with Nathan Bella (wait, that’s not Nathan’s name!)
GAMING ILLUSTRATED – Super Time Force is Ridiculous in the Best Ways

We also joined our good pals from Harmonix on their live Podcast panel. It was a super fun super sloppy mess of a good time. We chatted with IGN, Gamespot & recorded a pretty amazing Bonus Round with the GameTrailers crew (plus some other awesome industry folk) just to name a few.

It was a ton of fun. But that wasn’t all that happened.

We took part in the FanGamer X Attract Mode Party, where a collection of utterly amazing videogame-inspired art was shown, including this gorgeous tribute to Journey by Capy artist/animator Kelly Smith, alongside some live tunes, and a couple games. The first game was GALAK-Z, by our close friends 17-Bit. The other was SYNCHROMA, by none other than us!

SYNCHROMA is a terribly challenging/frustrating/amazing/insane game created by Capy’s Renaud Bédard & Nick ‘Qiqo’ Stephan during the last Capy Jam. This was the first time anyone outside of the studio had played a Capy Jam game… and boy oh boy was it fun. Even some press-folk took a turn, and they ended up having some great things to say about the game:

POLYGON – Meet Capy Games’ sadistic, stylish experiment
REVISION 3 – The Most Maddening & Addictive Game at PAX
JOYSTIQ – Capy Jam platformer, Synchroma, designed to work against you

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Matt Hawkins, Jon Kay and the whole FanGamer X Attract Mode crew for letting us be a part of such a rad event two years in a row.

To everyone that came by, played Super Time Force, bought a shirt (or 4+, Steve Courtney we’re looking at you) and/or hung out with us around Seattle… THANKS! We appreciated the huge amount of love we felt. See you in Boston!

11.09.13We’re Going to IndieCade! KOOKABUNGA!!!


We’re ultra-happy to announce that SUPER TIME FORCE has been selected as an IndieCade Finalist! KOOKABUNGA AND A HALF, DUDES!

Huge congrats to all of the other finalists! This year’s IndieCade lineup is tremendous, and it’s an honour to be a part of it! See ya’ll in LA!


For the second year in a row, Capy is super proud to be a part of the FAN GAMER X ATTRACT MODE Party. It has amazing art, games and music. For details including time, location & RSVP, CLICK HERE!

This year, all of you cool kids will get a chance to play SYNCHROMA, developed during Capy Jam by our own Renaud Bédard & Nicolas “Qiqo” Stephan.

This is the first time ever that a Capy Jam game will be played by anyone other than us at Capy or a select few superfriends! Exciting/scary! We asked Renaud to share his thoughts about Synchroma, and here’s what he had to say:

Synchroma is a short game developed during Capy Jam by myself (Renaud Bédard) & artist/animator Nicolas ‘Qiqo’ Stephan.

While I would like to pretend that this concept was our vision from the beginning, in reality we had no idea what the heck we were actually making until very late in the process (as Jams tend to go). We knew that we wanted to create an “obstacle course” style game, and specifically one where the controls fight against you, as you simultaneously fight to survive. After the four days we ended up somewhere between Canabalt and QWOP. Sort of.

In Synchroma, the player controls a glitchy black cube, but without any indication of how to control it. It’s a game about physical memory, and how much finger gymnastics you can memorize/perform under the pressure created by big red spiky rolls of death coming at you.

Perhaps the best thing is that we suck at it exactly as much as any player. Does that make it a rogue-like-like-like? Or does that just mean it’s wickedly challenging and more than a little ridiculous?

Give it a shot at the FAN GAMER X ATTRACT MODE Party and feel free to tell Qiqo what you think – he’ll be there!

On top of having a crazy/enraging/fun game, Capy artist/animator extraordinaire Kelly Smith will have this amazing Journey-inspired piece showing in the gallery (and available for sale) alongside TONS of other amazing artwork:

I know we’re super biased, but we love this event. You should come hang out with us.

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