11.03.11Sworcery on Bytejacker!

Check out this amazing GDC Episode of Bytjacker, featuring an insightful interview with Mr. Craig D. Adams about all things Sworcery. Also, we dance around a fountain to the fairy tune from Zelda, sooo… now you have to watch it!

Huge huge huge thanks to the amazing crew over at Bytejacker. Mr. Carboni and friends, you guys are heroes.

25.02.11S:S&S EP Audience Calibration Procedure

Ladies & gentlemen, we have heard your cries & we apologize for the delay.

Our research team at Superbrothers have prepared an audiovisual clip for you to enjoy & share with the people of the internet, it is available right here:

S:S&S EP Audience Calibration Procedure

Our research indicates that social support networks will play a significant role in the positive outcome of the S:S&S EP experiment. With this in mind we would like to present two of our initiatives:

1. On Twitter we have established a reasonably unique hashtag like this #sworcery

2. On Facebook we have established a friendly page for you to LIKE at www.facebook.com/sworcery

For more information, please refer to teletex 021

20.01.11WIRED Gaming in 2011: Top 10 Releases to Watch!


Wired UK just published an article called Gaming in 2011: Top 10 Releases to Watch! The list includes such heavy hitters as LA Noire, Uncharted 3, Portal 2, Child of Eden, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Journey, Duke Nukem Forever, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Nintendo 3DS and…….. ….. …. …


We are absolutely floored and honoured and humbled and terrified to be on such a mind-melting list. Thank you, Wired, and thank YOU Mr. Mark Brown! Wow…


Capy Winter

In celebration of the happiest of holidays, we’ve gone and made a fancy new winter theme for our website. Frozen ponds, snow-boors, hot cocoa and Christmas trees… What a glorious time it is.

You can grab desktop versions of Vic’s awesome pixels here:




You can also see the full animation here.

Capy Card

Also, just to show people how much we love them, Kelly & Qiqo made this lovely holiday card. Go ahead and give it a click to see the full resolution

Have a very happy, safe and cozy holidays everyone. All the best to you & your families from everyone here at Capy.

22.12.10CAPY JAM 2010 – ‘Twas a Jamn Good Time!

Capy Jam Poster 2010

Nathan suggested we finally have that game jam we’ve been talking about forever…. and boy oh boy was it ever a crazy blitz of game making insanity. This was our first jam ever, so naturally it was a bit chaotic. The teams were split into groups of 2 or 3, with some floaters making music and helping out with design here and there. Kris was the official cheerleader and journalist of this two-day event, and his amazing photography can be viewed on Capy’s Flickr account here:

Capy Jam 2010: Day 1 + Day 2

Click below to see the crazy results!

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22.12.10Sword & Sworcery EP – teletex 020

And so it has been foretold that we meet again, here in the teletex bulletin. We hope you & yours are well as another cozy yuletide approaches.

So now let us stop & share each other’s company while we enjoy the full-resolution artwork of the above yuletide artwork here.

If you have the time & your headphones are handy then please enjoy the lovely winter song ‘Little Furnace’ from the forthcoming S:S&S EP, courtesy of Mr. Jim Guthrie, attached below (at least it is if you’re looking at this teletex thing online.)

ok & kindest wishes


teletex o19 – another cozy yuletide

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