AUTUMN EQUINOX VIDEOGAME & MUSIC SALE: Wednesday, September 21st 2011 [1 DAY ONLY]

The day and the night are in balance once more, precisely six months after the vernal equinox and the launch of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, so an autumn equinox videogame + music sale is both chronologically & cosmologically inevitable. Learn more by visiting the Sword & Sworcery website.


At long last, CLASH OF HEROES is finally available for pre-order on Steam! Soon you’ll be able to play CLASH on your laptop! Wooooooo!


04.07.11THE CAPY CREST – IBI IENS EST <-- this rhymes

The Capy Crest

‘Tis the Dawn of a New Era, yet again.

A Seal of Quality + A Commitment to Crazy + A Celebration of All Aspects of Capy-ness That Tickle Our Fancies + “It’s Getting There”, in Her Majesty’s Latin. And also just because crests are kinda awesome. Huge thanks to Vic Nguyen, crest artist extraordinaire.

28.06.112% OF IGN’S TOP 100 MODERN GAMES = CAPY!

top100_moderngames_cover copy

IGN just published the first portion of their TOP 100 MODERN GAMES LIST and we’re super jazzed to find out that exactly 2% of that list is made up of CAPY gaming goodness!

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes came in at #81! The folks at IGN had some nice things to say about it:

Clash of Heroes doesn’t ape another game’s mechanics. This is a game all its own with a lot of depth and nuance to be discovered. Intricately detailed environments and smooth animation make Clash of Heroes a gorgeous endeavor. It’s a game to get lost in.

Meanwhile, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP snuck in at #98! From IGN:

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is art. This point-and-click adventure is a near-perfect polyamorous marriage of brilliant 8-bit visuals, clever puzzle-solving, and an unforgettable soundtrack. This unity of sight, sound, and touch is something special.

Thank You SO MUCH, IGN! It’s an huge huge huge honor to be part of a list like that. Here’s hoping Critter Crunch hasn’t been listed yet ’cause it’s #1:) WOOP WOOP!


rockshowcase poster

This is going to be magical: Our good friend and collaborator Jim Guthrie, the composer behind the beautiful, haunting, heartwarming and sometimes terrifying Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery soundtrack, will be performing music from The Ballad of The Spacebabies, live at TIFF Bell Lightbox on June 30th. If you’re in Toronto, we would love to see you at the show. It’s going to be pure Sworcery.

Grab your ticket here: MIDSUMMER ROCKSHOWCASE

More info at swordandsworcery.com

The mesmerizing poster for the event was created by Charlene Chua. We love it.

23.06.11NEXT LEVEL – Capy in THE GRID

This week’s issue of The Grid, Toronto’s brand new weekly culture magazine, features an article on all things Capy, including an interview with our very own Nathan Vella and the ever elusive sound director Sean Lohrisch. Check it out online here:

NEXT LEVEL: Capybara leads Toronto’s indie gaming charge with ingenious, unabashedly weird titles.

Or better yet, pick up the printed version for FREE, found on nearly every street corner in Toronto!

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