5 years of the app store + scythain

We’ll keep this short & sweet: Capy, Superbrothers & Jim Guthrie have teamed up with our good friends at Apple to celebrate 5 Years of the App Store. And as a part of this celebration, #Sworcery will be FREE FOR EVERYONE.

If you already purchased #Sworcery, from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for your support. We are definitely cosmic friends forever. If you enjoyed the game, please help spread the love and remind your friends they can experience the Scythian’s woeful errand on us, for a limited time.

Oh, and there’s a few other amazing games & apps celebrating alongside us.

Head on over to the App Store and check it out.

13.06.13BELOW – Horizon Trailer

We had the extreme honour to present a little bit more info about Below at the wonderful Horizon conference, thanks to Venus Patrol and LA MOCA. Huge thanks to everyone who helped organize Horizon: hopefully this event is the first of many more to come!

10.06.13Announcing: BELOW


Official Site: www.whatliesbelow.com


Super Time Force - Into The Pixel

We’re super excited to announce that Super Summer Vacation Force, an amazing Super Time Force-themed piece by Vic & Mike Nguyen, will be part of this year’s INTO THE PIXEL exhibit.

For more details (plus the hi-rezz version for your desktop), check out the INTO THE PIXEL website!


Congrats, buds! Kookabunga!

ALSO: SUPER TIME FORCE WILL BE PLAYABLE AT E3 NEXT WEEK! Drop by and say hello to the team!

03.06.13CAPY + HORIZON + LA Museum of Contemporary Art = ???


Venus Patrol + Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art present: HORIZON – A quiet, complementary event scheduled alongside The Great Madness that is E3. CAPY will be there. But why, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!?!??!?!?!?!? Tune in JUNE 13TH, 10AM to find out…

04.04.13PAX EAST 2013 RECAP(Y)


PAX East 2013 was a crazy whirlwind of awesome for us at Capy. We teamed up with our best-buds DOUBLE FINE and shared an amazing space full of games, merch, jokes, hand sanitizer and a popular fellow by the name of Tim Schafer.


At PAX, we showed a brand new version of Super TIME Force, complete with new TIME OUT gameplay, to the hordes. Asplosions were made, lives were lost, time was rewound, funtimes were had. Friday kicked off with a hustle to finish the booth, and the launch of the DOUBLE FINE & CAPY VIDEOGAME COLLECTION which included the exclusive game CAPY FINE RACING GP on floppy disk.

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