04.04.13PAX EAST 2013 RECAP(Y)


PAX East 2013 was a crazy whirlwind of awesome for us at Capy. We teamed up with our best-buds DOUBLE FINE and shared an amazing space full of games, merch, jokes, hand sanitizer and a popular fellow by the name of Tim Schafer.


At PAX, we showed a brand new version of Super TIME Force, complete with new TIME OUT gameplay, to the hordes. Asplosions were made, lives were lost, time was rewound, funtimes were had. Friday kicked off with a hustle to finish the booth, and the launch of the DOUBLE FINE & CAPY VIDEOGAME COLLECTION which included the exclusive game CAPY FINE RACING GP on floppy disk.


The day ended with an official Double Fine + Capy + 2PP celebratory dinner. With oysters.


Saturday saw the largest crowds we’ve ever seen at PAX East converge on our booth. By 1pm we had sold out of the box set, and the Super TIME Force demo had been crushed by some ultra-skilled strategists. At night, Capy & Double Fine teamed up with the amazing folk from IGN to throw a big-ass party. And party we did, all while playing our newly released CAPY FINE RACING GP. A huge thanks to IGN for joining our squad and helping throw such a badass shindig!


As Sunday came to a close, our time in Boston ended and so too did PAX East 2013. It was amazing for us to be able to meet, chat and hang out with so many rad people.

Huge thanks to our pals-for-life Double Fine for the great team-up! Ultra-huge thanks to everyone that came out and played Super TIME Force – we appreciated your time & feedback!