Look, we know that we said we would never ever bring Sworcery to Android… but didn’t we also say we would never bring Sworcery to PC / Mac and Linux? Maybe you should stop believing us all the time, hmmmm?? (or start reading betweeeeeen the liiiiinnnesss). It’s easy to look the other way when a few people request a port, but we’ve heard this request thousands and thousands of times, and who are we not to listen? In short, we apologize for the delay, but we’re really excited to finally bring #sworcery to the Android audience.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a bundle that includes the Android debutes of Crayon Physics, Waking Mars, Splice, Eufloria and (not a debut but still crazy cool) Machinarium? The company alone is worth it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sworcery Android is still in BETA, which means we still have some kinks to iron out (’cause, man, there are a lot of Android phones out there, I tell ya what!) Rest Assured: Sworcery Android will be continuously refined, and will be smooth and silky / GOLD MASTER before you know it. By giving Humble fans an early version, we’re hoping to get some great feedback we can use as we finalize this version.