PAX PRIME IS NIGH!!!!! Once again, CAPY is super pumped to be a part of the Indie Megabooth! What’s an Indie Megabooth, you say?

“The Megabooth brings 30 of the most creative studios together in one place. They’re showing off 32+ titles, making it the highest concentration of inventive, quirky, great games and game studios on the entire PAX floor”

Meaning, the Indie Megabooth is by far the highest concentration of superfun you can have in/with the least amount of conference floor space! So if you’re heading to PAX this week, why doncha mosey on over and play the newest demo of Super TIME Force + 30 other crazy sweet games!

While you’re there, say hello to Capy-folks Kenneth Yeung, Mike Nguyen, Nathan Vella and Dan Vader! And stay tuned to our blog for more exciting STF madness…